Self-love is the best love

Valentine's is around the corner and who said we can’t spend it on our own? 
Let’s take advantage of this beautiful day to practice self-love.

What is self-love?

Self-love is accepting yourself as you are in this moment. It’s a state that comes from the actions that support your physical, psychological and spiritual growth.
It means accepting and honouring your emotions, taking care of your needs, not settling for less than you deserve and not sacrificing yourself to please others.

Why it is so important?

We spend a lot of time comparing to others, criticising, and pressuring ourselves to do everything right, which can result in causing stress, anxiety and depression.
Therefore, practicing self-love is the key for our mental health and well-being.

How can we practice self-love?

1. Stop comparing to others
We are social human beings and comparing to others is natural. However, everyone is a unique individual who is going through their own personal journey; so, there is no point on comparing to others.
2. Stop focusing on other’s opinions
You will never be able to change nor control what others think or feel about you. Besides, you will never be able to make everyone happy. Therefore, instead of wasting your time caring about other’s opinions, pay more attention on your own feelings, thoughts and needs.
3. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them
We are learning new things daily, no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. Stop putting so much pressure on yourselves, and remember that our flaws can give us priceless lessons. 
4. Don’t be afraid to let go
Step away from people and situations that are draining your energy and bringing toxicity to your life. It may be painful at first, but you will feel liberated once you do it.
5. Process and honour your emotions
Allow yourself to feel all your emotions fully (specially the “bad” ones) and try to understand what is causing them.
6. Be kind to yourselves
Be patient, speak kindly to yourselves and celebrate all your accomplishments (big and small).
7. Make space for healthy habits 
not because “you have to” but because you care about you.
Have enough quality sleep, exercise, have a healthy social life, have a correct diet, give yourself breaks.
8. Trust in yourself
You can do anything you set your mind to. Think how far you’ve come!

Self-love Challenge 

Join our self-love challenge and practice at least one of the following activities during the following two weeks.

Tell us which one was your favourite activity and remember..
Lets fall in love with ourselves first

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