Atelier Meroë: Soulful Skincare

Atelier Meroë is a recently launched skincare line which creates small batch,
hand crafted blends made from unique ingredients from around the world. We
believe in using the most natural ingredients available while creating our formulas
with care and intention (as well as attention!) Our introductory line includes a facial oil, beard + facial oil, facial toner, whipped butter, and our most exclusive and popular product among our test users, our body buttercream. You  have never felt a natural, unprocessed Shea butter-based body butter this luxuriously soft, light, and non-greasy.
Our men’s products feature feature exciting and exotic ingredients such as
Brazilian Kokum Butter, and Haitian Castor Oil. These are particularly potent
botanicals which offer superior hair softening and hair growth properties.
Atelier Meroë also commits to reinvesting in the world by sharing 10% of profits,
first through established charities and eventually through direct work with
agricultural coops.

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