How Important Is It to Nurture Self-Love and The Friendships Around You?

Each relationship needs time and care, including the one with ourselves. No matter how busy you might be, it's essential to keep nurturing self-love and the friendships you have. 

Many of us are very harsh with ourselves. We might have the most broken relationship with the person in the mirror. Most people never think of this connection and focus on anything else.

It's time to acknowledge and fix the issue. You can't love others with all your heart and be completely happy if you don't love yourself first.

Self-love is one of the least known keys to wellness. You can't obtain it just by buying a new set of clothes. You need to grow it through consistent actions that help you have more compassion and kindness towards yourself.

Your insecurities might creep in and never caring for your own needs will eventually affect other relationships. Treat yourself kindly and give your body, soul and mind the chance to refresh every now and then.

Nurture your self-love using self-care practices that will improve your health and uplift your mood. Start by being grateful. We often take great things for granted. Write down every day 10 things you are grateful for.

Forget about unrealistic beauty standards and show your body some love. Sleep enough, exercise and eat healthy. Pamper yourself by using a wonderfully scented spa set that will delight your senses.

Taking time to relax is mandatory so you can recharge your batteries and have a strong self-esteem, which plays a major part in mental health. Avoid overthinking and forgive yourself. No one is perfect so don't set impossible goals. Whatever past thing holds you back, learn to let it go.

Read captivating books and attend music concerts or events that you enjoy. Spend time outdoors and contemplate nature's beauty by going for a walk or even hiking. Pursue your hobbies and consider exploring new ones.

The friendships around you are essential for your emotional, mental and even physical wellness. You need to maintain them otherwise they become fragile and might even fade away.

Have you called or texted your friends lately? 

Get in touch more. Texting allows you to keep the friendship going using minimum effort and time. It takes just a few seconds to nourish a connection and to catch up a bit.

Do your best to understand your friends and refrain from criticism. Be ready to listen to their problems. Sometimes people don't even want advice, they just feel better if someone listens to them. These moments are highly treasured, especially if your support comes when they need it most.

Don't shy away from showing affection or telling your friends you missed them. This might make you feel a bit vulnerable. But you could make their day with a simple kind gesture and receive lots of love in return as well. 

A few simple self-care practices will significantly improve your well-being. Self-love and the friendships around you make such a big difference in your life that it is totally worth it to make time to nurture them.


This hit home… Always thought of friends but never thought of self-love before… Thanks. Lots of thinking to do now… :)

Salome March 18, 2020

Thank you for the reminder! Most of us totally forget about self-love and this is one of the reasons why we project our insecurities on others and our relationships don’t really work out… Yes, we should pay more attention to ourselves and certainly to keeping our existing friendships too.

Jo Ann February 04, 2020

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