The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide of 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again and as the holidays are quickly approaching things tend to become a bit hectic, which could make it harder to choose the right gifts for your loved ones.

The best way to spend the holiday season is by surrounding yourself with those you love, not having to worry about what to buy and where to buy from.  As soon as you log onto the internet you are bombarded with ad after ad of products and gadgets that you don’t know a thing about and that just makes my head spin.  To take some stress off myself and hopefully you this year, I have come up with a Holiday Gift Guide that will make your buying decisions a little easier as well as help support fellow women-owned business whose passion is in every item they create and sell. 


This women-owned business started out creating jewelry in their dorm room in college, as they wanted to find a way to meld their passion for art with their love of fashion. Jewelry was a natural fit for the two. The name Etymology harkens back to their jewelry making beginnings- when they were using scrabble and boggle pieces to string together words and phrases in jewelry form. The aesthetic has evolved since then but the name is a reminder of how they started back in art school and blossomed our line into a business since.  “We are a handmade jewelry company specializing in creative jewelry for boho babes!” -Natalie Jacobs.

You can purchase here $20 to spend towards your order on our site with code BOSSBABE.

Your skin is your largest organ and it should be taken care of just as well as the organs on the inside.  Founded and owned by Dr. Debra Ibrahim and Maneeha Mahmood, Aesthetica MedSpa is committed to promoting self-care for their clients by providing safe, innovative, and state-of-the-art aesthetic and laser services. Getting a HydraFacial is part of my self care routine!  At Aesthetica MedSpa, they understand how difficult and intimidating it can be to comprehend new aesthetic treatments and technology. They provide a safe and enjoyable environment where clients can meet with board-certified physicians and licensed aestheticians to assess treatment alternatives. There are no gimmicks – simply authentic advice on how to achieve your aesthetic goals.  You can find them here

Offer: For every $100 giftcard that you purchase, receive a $25 giftcard FREE for yourself!



After having my baby, It was hard for me to find clothes that suited my new body.  Caitlin helped me not only revamp some of my wardrobe with pieces that looked good but that also made me feel good.  Her taste in fabric and styles is impeccable and I am so happy I found her company.

Helping women feel confident for every occasion makes me light up, from a simple sizing questions to a total closet overhaul.” -Caitlin.

You can find her here or on Instagram @stylenmotionshop (on IG, Caitlin does exclusive sales and tutorials and limited edition clothing).


I personally love the vision of Atelier Meroe. Atelier Meroë is a luxury, small batch, natural skincare line run by Christine Duverger.  She creates exotic blends using the least amount of ingredients to deliver nourishing, safe goodness for your skin.  They scoured the globe to find unique and powerful butters, oils, and other plant derivatives and chose the ones with the history of traditional use in their native lands. I personally use their Hibiscus Facial Oil as part of my skin care routine and I absolutely love it. You can find them here.


After pregnancy, my skin went through a lot of changes, making me very sensitive to certain cosmetic brands.  I love Hypnose Cosmetics eye shadow and highlighters because they are not only Eco friendly but the colors are so vibrant, and they cause no irritation to my skin!  Run by Michelle, a registered nurse with years of experience in dermatology, her palettes are a must have for all makeup lovers! You can find her on Etsy here.


This women owned business started by Sheila Wright, is a company oriented to help children be creative through arts and crafts at any age.  The box that attracted me the most is the Kindness Kit.  From cheering up a friend, or making someone’s day, kindness is easy and fun to spread.  You can find them here.


What can I say? A gal from Ecuador came to America to pursue her dreams (which there were many) and after years of being a nurse, she decided to start her very own business to help others in a holistic manner and that’s how La Pixie was born. For the holidays we have a range of different sized and priced gift boxes but my favorite is the Self care box,  All you need to self care this season from La Pixie Wellness. Grab it here!

This gift box is packed with everything you need to relax and center yourself.  No harsh chemicals or fake fragrances. This box is perfect for the self care junkie in your life or the person who really needs to take some time for themselves.  Use our promo code LPW20 for 20% OFF your purchase!

written by Samanta Moise 

founder and CEO of La Pixie Wellness

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