Full Moon in Virgo: Shinning Light on our Physical Body

Hello friends!  

On Saturday 27th of February we will experience a Full Moon in the sign of Virgo. This has been an important aspect which I have been wanting to talk about since the beginning of the year. As this Full Moon will shine light on to everything that is related to our Health and Physical body. 

Virgo classically rules the 6th house in Astrology. Virgo as a constellation is ruled both by Mercury & asteroid Chiron the Centaur. Chiron holds the key of healing and Mercury the Communication of understanding what needs to be healed. 

The truth though when it comes to 6th house is that things are way less intellectual (in the mind) and way more about our daily physical reality. Our breakfast, exercise, sleep routine-how does the body feel? How do we treat the body? What are we neglecting or choose not to see?

🌕 All of this and way more will be placed on the interrogating Light of this Virgo Full Moon. As I said in previous writings, in Lunations we are always working on a double axis energy. 

What does this mean? 

It means that (exactly like on a pie chart) we are working with both energies that are “antithetical” or across from one another. So in this case (and always with Virgo) we have Pisces across. 

Pisces is always across from Virgo working on this axis. As I went in depth in a past article “The Fish and the Maiden” (please read for more info)

Both Virgo & Pisces are receptive energies, mutable and non confrontational. 

Pisces ruled by Neptune-all things Spiritual, magical and psychedelic-will affect your sleep patterns and dreams. It will give you visions of the upcoming path. And Virgo, the Maiden who always seeks practical solutions and “wants to make a plan” will help you take the necessary steps to put things into action.

Recently I had a conversation with an acclaimed astrologer in Europe, he said: “Virgo is the iron feast with a silk glove”, on which comment we both laughed in agreement.  

So that means, prepare for a time of clear information that will motivate you to start taking action on truly changing what needs to be changed. 

In addition as it is always the case, the astrological chart is full of movement. It looks like what we call a “bucket Chart” with the Moon being on the upper side of the “bucket handle” but all planetary activity in the bottom of it. 

-How does this translate for us?

We will feel a lot of activity in our roots, in our deeper layers and maybe our Feminine side might feel a bit stirred up and lonely. Moon will be calling, Moon will be reflective, Moon will oppose. Listen to what it has to reveal for you. 

Here are the Planetary Aspects at this time:

🌟Mercury in Aquarius ♒️ 

Mercury will enter Pisces ♓️ on March 15th. Mercury in Aquarius can show us extreme contrast between being super active and planning/plotting in the mind but in reality being stuck on thin air. The advice here is: Be Realistic, do not “bite more than you can chew”.  Mercury then in Pisces becomes more benevolent, mystical and giving. 

🌟Venus in Aquarius ♒️ 

Venus will enter Pisces ♓️ on February 25th. Venus in Aquarius is the Rainbow 🌈 Queen. She is about the Collective, the big cyclical dance of community. That is the Community garden you always dreamed of participating in at and all projects alike. Current restrictions might be painful but remember when there is a Will there is a Way! Venus in Pisces will be more about 

(Literally the Mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️ shining shoes of your childhood) meaning: 

Spending moments of self care and pure childlike fascination of being alive and in beauty-especially by a body of Water. 

☄️Mars in Taurus ♉️ 

Mars will enter Gemini ♊️ on March 3rd. 

Mars doesn’t feel good in Taurus, but they both can achieve a lot together. Taurus is more or less “forced” by higher forces to bring about the changes needed for a functional establishment of his service for humanity. Mars in Gemini ♊️ will hit the North Node of the Universal Clock. 

We will find ourselves on a T like crossroads of fire 🔥

This is important moment for all of us. 

(The North Node will be in Gemini until January 2022). 

🪐Jupiter  in Aquarius ♒️ 

Jupiter enters Pisces ♓️ on May 13th.

We have an extra stretch of time for Real Magic ✨

That Community garden, that Art space or the home of your dreams might actually take real form. You don’t need to know how at this moment. Bask in the Light of this magic for Now. And prepare for Jupiter in Pisces becoming a bit dogmatic, keep staying centered in Real Life Magic ✨

🪐Saturn in Aquarius ♒️ 

Saturn goes station Rx in Aquarius on May 22nd. Saturn wants to and is his job to hold everyone accountable for their actions. Saturn goes layers deep right at the moment we thought we were done. On this Retrograte we will get to experience how can the Collective get better organized so we can achieve our goals in this endless Cyclical dance. We will clearly see what is not working anymore and leave it behind. 

🌑Uranus in Taurus ♉️ 

Uranus goes Rx in Taurus on August 18th. 

This is a long term transit on which I wrote about several times. Uranus the great awakener is working on our primal way of being on this Earth. Taurus friends and all of us have time until August to “ plow the soil  in our garden “ best way possible. Until shaking shifts again in upcoming August. 

🌟Neptune in Pisces ♓️ 

Neptune goes station Rx in Pisces on June 25th. This is again a long term transit. Neptune is at home working steadily on our subconscious. Themes like dream analysis, and emotional expression will be prevalent. 

🪐Pluto in Capricorn ♑️ 

Pluto goes station Rx in Capricorn on April 27th. Those “skeletons in the closet” are still working and this will always be the case. Nothing simply completely ever evaporates. Everything that once lived and had a form always exists in one way or another. A perfect example of this is National Treasures in Museums-artifacts that have been stolen one way or another and are being taken advantage in a wrong way. 

Have you ever heard the expression: “the Dead have the Wealth?”

Pluto in Capricorn is about the Material Wealth (coming from civilizations and the Earth) and the allocation of it.-Inheritance on a collective level. A second example is oil supplies (comes deep from the Earth and there are wars happening for it). 

The Fair Allocation of Wealth for a Better Functioning Society, Is an issue of Power which is holding Humanity unable to  evolve for some ages now. 

🌟Chiron in Aries ♈️ 

Chiron goes station Rx in Aries on July 15th. As mentioned in the beginning of our article, Chiron who holds the key for healing will continue showing us certain wounds from our childhood (Aries) which need tending. Self care, self love and purification, letting go of old energies is a must.


Happy Full Moon Revelations to All.

Please be inquiring do not take everything simply for face value.


Sylvia-Anais 🦋

February, NY 2021 

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