The story behind La Parea Wellness

“Cultura is the love language of our ancestors”
Samanta Moise
CEO and Founder of La Parea Wellness 


When I was a kid in Ecuador I always wanted to help others. I would run anywhere and everywhere with bandaids, alcohol wipes, asking if they needed an ice pack or some sort of herbal tea. 

My grandparents raised me so I have a very strong andean heritage and they passed down to me recipes of teas and oils that they used in their daily routine because that's what they grew up with, what their ancestors passed them through time.

I turned 17 and I came to the United States following the American dream. I became a registered nurse and worked for 9 years in the critical care area, dermatology and plastic surgery.

Based on my professional and personal experience (I suffer from asthma and migraines) I wanted to find natural ways to help people with their self care practices.

For example, one of the things I learned over time is that candles made with petroleum can cause migraines, so I started to create soy wax and shea butter candles. That’s how little by little I started to add new products into my line. 

Over time we have grown so much and I’ve been proud to sustainably add products that are native to Ecuador and the Americas. La Parea Wellness is a women owned and operated company and I just thrive each day for us to give the knowledge of our brand, what we are about, to promote the importance of adopting self care practices and create these wellness and mindful moments. That’s what we are here for so if you need our help in any way let us know! 

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