Women Leading Businesses that Transform Lives

We’ve been in the wellness industry for a while and have also been avid fans of the lifestyle. We indulge in self-care and rituals as often as possible. This holiday season we’re making a point to really be mindful of the wellness practices we partake in because we really want to set intentions and manifest a great 2021. With that said, we’re sharing  women leading businesses that transform lives and whose teachings have been incredibly instrumental in our wellness journey. 

The Guided Healing

Sylvia- Anais founder of The Guided Healing has an MA in Mental Health Counseling Psychotherapy and Professional Energy Healing training from BBSH Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She also studied the Family Constellation therapy technique with various teachers in NYC for three years and strongly feel that this work changes lives. At The Guided Healing everyone receives exactly what they need to receive for the highest good of all on a personal and collective level.  

Graciela Rasor 

Graciela Rasor is a Human Design reader and she helps you discover truths about who you really are. Her readings give a unique understanding of our soul purpose which is really quite beautiful. Human Design is a relatively new system of self-discovery that borrows from astrology, Kabbalah, the Chinese I Ching and the chakra system; like astrology, every person has a unique natal chart based on their birth time and place.With just your birth time, date and place, she will analyze your chart and tell you how to use your unique energy signature to create more flow in your life.

Sobre La Luna

Sobre la Luna is aQueer Latina owned crystals and candles shop founded by Gabriela Linares. She’s based in LA and ethically sources all her crystals. Natural crystals are so powerful that metaphysicians and healers throughout history have used them to alter the flow of energy in the physical world. Gabriella started her company after needing to financially support her way through college. It’s amazing to see her company grow while she’s pursuing her passions. 

Nicole Rutsch

Nicole does  private healing sessions to bring your body back into alignment with your soul’s purpose. She does work that  will release fear, anxiety and any challenges you might be facing. Her work will call in love and healing light energy to help you live an abundant life. During our session we will work with Reiki Healing Energy and the power of sound healing.


Tatiana Dellepiane

Tatiana is a tantra, sex and relationship mentor teaching people about love and sex. Her desire is to help you find liberation, to ignite your inner fire and to assist you in healing yourself. She likes to work together with you in a co-creative process by diving deep, rising from the ashes and emerging with awe and wonder at what life reveals to you in the process. She essentially guides you through a transformation so you can have the love and sex of your dreams.


All of these women share their gift to provide comfort, healing and understanding. Everything they share is something that can be given as a gift for your mom or bestie. Shop women owned this holiday season. Indulge in some mindful wellness practices that will transform your life and widen your understanding of self. 

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