5 Fun Ways To Make Your 2020 Holidays Special 

This year has been completely unexpected. Just as we thought things were getting better and we can spend time with others outside of our home, the numbers start trickling up again and schools get shut down. How are we going to spend time with loved ones this holiday season? How are we going to partake in our favorite family traditions TOGETHER? 

This year has forced us to get creative and just like we’ve done thus far we’re going to have to get creative this holiday season. Here are 5 fun ways to make your 2020 Holidays special. 


1. Since we can’t have holiday parties with our girlfriends, how about gathering them for a virtual mindful movements and meditations class?

We partnered with Sylvia- Anais Founder of The Guided Healing to bring virtual events where Sylvia shares her teachings to bring more peace, balance and understanding into our lives. Each movement has a significance. Each deep breath is with intention and each class thus far has been transformative. 

Check them out here! This is a great way to bond with your girlfriends and nurture not only your mind, body and soul but, your friendships. 

We’re having a holiday promo now. Buy 3 classes for $60!


2. Bake & Virtually Connect With Your Loved Ones

We recently discovered a woman owned baking kit and company called  Poppikit. They supply baking kits with all organic, clean ingredients for you to have fun and bake out home. We highly suggest sending a few to loved ones. Then create a zoom event and chat and have fun while baking and interacting together. 

This would be such a fun way to connect and it’s family friendly. They also host virtual baking classes in case you’re interested. 


3. Learn To Cook Your Family's Special Recipes

Some of us can’t be with family and during this time of year is when we yearn for our families cooking. What a great time to learn those special recipes that bring back so many memories. Not only is this a great way for you to learn these recipes but for moms this is a great way to pass down those recipes to ensure your family traditions live on. 

4. Have A ZOOM party!

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Eve, have your party! Get dressed up, have your family join and be merry! The best part of this is that you can mute that one annoying family member. Safe to say this is one holiday season you will never forget!


5. Send Love notes To Those You Miss and Love

Instead of journaling your thoughts write letters to your friends and loved ones. Loving and missing those closest to you is absolutely normal, so don’t let time pass by. Get those feelings out and since you can’t see them jot down your feelings and mail it to them. Consider this an interactive journaling session. 

Although the current state of our communities may be difficult, it forces us to make the effort and that is special in itself. Wishing you the best 2020 holidays! Please keep us posted and share how you ended up celebrating your 2020 holidays. 

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