Meet: Gabriela Linares Founder of Sobre La Luna

We found Gaby's shop on Instagram and fell in love with all her products. We love precious stones and crystals and her shop only sells ethical products. Her story is so inspiring! Read along to learn why Gabriela Linares is one of inspiring entrepreneur.


1. Let's start form the beginning. What inspired you to start Sobre La Luna?  

First of all, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your blog! Sobre la Luna was born from need, when the idea of the store happened I was a Grad program student, my family is not wealthy, so to be able to attend school and pay it out of pocket was a blessing. Unfortunately, during my first year as a grad student, I lost the job that was helping me afford school, my wonderful partner was who taught me how to make candles and pushed me to take the jump and create Sobre la Luna. Then my mom gifted me the first $20 I ever used to buy materials to create the candles with. It was within that first month that I realized I loved creating something that could help others relax and come together with their mind and soul. 

2. What's your favorite stone right now and why?

My current obsession is Labradorite with a purple flash, this crystal is such a magical stone, it can help you create greater consciousness and a better connection with universal energies. As someone who owns a business, I feel like this crystal helps me open my mind to greater creativity and better intuition! It’s a must-have! 

3. How do you self-care?

I’ve always been an advocate for self-care, thus I know self-care can be done in different ways. I like to do many things to ensure my needs and wants are taken care of, but my ultimate favorite self-care is to take a warm bath, I love using bath bombs and essential oils to help my body get the benefits it needs and a much-needed break. But if a bath is impossible, I will turn to my crystals and spirit guide cards. 

4. What is your favorite La Parea Wellness product and why? 

This question is hard to answer because everything I have tried from La Parea was amazing! But I must admit that my favorite thing has been the Zen Relaxing Mist is so soothing, and refreshing! I use it throughout my day to keep myself together and it works like magic! 

5. Where do you see your business in 3 years and how can our audience support you to get there? 

I’m manifesting a physical store in 3 years or so. I would love to have a safe space for everything, space where they came to sniff their favorite candles and take some crystals with them, maybe a candle/crystal/coffee shop. 

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6. Tell us about a stone you’d recommend to combat stress or negativity ?   

One of the stones I recommend everyone to have is Black Obsidian. This stone is a powerful volcanic glass that is full of healing properties as well as being a protecting stone, it works as a shield to any kind of negativity and because it helps with ancient traumas and balancing emotions it can help you combat stress in your day to day life! 

7. What advice would you give someone who wants to learn more about stones/crystals?

One advice is to get a Crystal Bible and do a lot of research and reading, it’s okay if you don’t memorize what each stone does, but it’s always important to learn about your crystals and their healing properties so that you know how to use them and how to canalize their healing properties so that they can guard you. The Crystal Bible was the first book I ever read about crystals and I still feel like it taught me so much! 

Quick fire questions: 


1. What’s your favorite stone? 

My all-time favorite stone has always been Amethyst. I cannot explain why, but I have always been attracted to it, it could be the beautiful and diverse shades of purple that this beautiful stone contains, or perhaps the healing properties it has like helping release stress, and anxiety. As someone who suffers from these two, I can be honest and say that keeping Amethyst near me creates a change. It’s like a magic pill! 

2. Which do you prefer: New moon rituals or full moon rituals? 

I personally prefer New Moon rituals, there’s something about creating new intentions and new beginnings that simply fascinated me. I love creating a list of the things I want to manifest and bring to life, this way it helps me remain centered and chase after those dreams. The New Moon is also my favorite moon to cleanse and recharge my crystals, the moon power is so strong! 

3. Which do you prefer: plants or flowers?

I have always loved receiving flowers but, I recently became a plant mom! Prior to getting my plants I never realized how much time and love it takes to keep the plants alive, but like everything in life, they have taught me a new life lesson, we should cater and take care of ourselves as we take care of others, even our plants. 



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Interview by: Contributor Pamela Delgado

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