February in Aquarius. The Water Bearer Looking into the Remedy

What makes 2021 astrology so hard to describe is that the surrounding aspects of major astrological events are very complex. Every time I tried to write down my thoughts, conclusions or describe the visions of 2021 I felt an extremely complex energy unfolding ; due to powerful Planetary opposing energies. 

As a starting point I feel that it's important to explain a few things about February as an energy on the annual calendar. February in ancient Greco-Roman times was a month dedicated to cleansing, ritual and prayer. 

If we do some research we will find out that the ancients (in most cultures) had considered things according to context, community and the Collective.

What did that look like? 

For example February was/is the month that leads to Spring, re-birth, re-generation, blossoming after the dark months of winter. Usually the seasons of flu or illness (at that time fever caused by malaria) was officially collectively followed by a month of purging and purification. Februus (were word fever originated from) was the god of sweats and purification-lets get clean kind of energy. 

No wonder why in many parts of the world regardless climate/weather there are various celebrations of purification rituals for divinities of Fire, Water & Steam alike. These rituals that have been observed by indigenous cultures for thousands of years aim to honor the Community’s need for Purification and Healing. And here I mean not only prayer but physical Body Purification Rituals.  

So to begin with it is important to see and understand the context sequence of the Yearly almanac. When we do so, along with observing our own needs for detoxing, cleansing, “working on our stuff”, everything starts making more sense.  

So February clearly is a month of Purging, Purification and Transformation. It is also a very busy month astrologically. So here are the main astrological events for this month:


☀ February 9th Planet Saturn forms a sextile to asteroid Chiron. This is the first of three such meetings of which the next one will be in June and the final one in November. 

This an opportunity to heal our recurring wounds. That means that the pattern of what is old and keeps us hurting will come up so clearly that we will not be able to ignore it anymore. It is actually time to heal and assist this “bou bou” /way of thinking/perception to exit our lives and move forward. 


☀February 11th-A powerful New Moon in Aquarius denotes a Fresh Start in all aspects of our life.

In fact at this time we have the following Planets in Aquarius:




⭐️Mercury in Rx 





All these planets currently in Aquarius are in opposing position to 

Uranus & Mars in Taurus.


☀ What does this mean for our Collective Consciousness? 

This “battle” of sorts signifies a deep conflict with in us on all levels of which these planets touch in our lives.




⭐️Mercury-Communication in retrospect 

🌟Venus-Love Life 

🪐Jupiter-Finances-Travels-How we grow

🪐Saturn-Life Lessons 


The deepest realization will be about All the things we want to change but “logically” we think we cannot. In this case Uranus will take the lead to abrupt Change. 


☀February 17th Saturn squares Uranus. This is truly a magnification of the overall theme: 

Structure & Stability Vs Freedom & Change.


At this time, if we even have the opportunity to react we will be able to Give Form-Manifest ideas and ideals. (All prayers and intentions already set in the past.) This is a deep quest for progress and Change. 


☀February 20th our beloved Mercury will move to Taurus, the Communication will become all about solid earthly stuff, such as food, income, home, country, location etc. 


☀February 27th-Full Moon in Virgo highlights what needs more structure and nurturing. Write it down, say it out loud, give it solid form. 


Keeping our practices of self care (purification) and healthy relating is so important at this time. In its Shadow Aquarius can bring everything that is fixated in our minds. Ideas, limiting beliefs and stagnant patterns. Move, meditate, dance, eat healthy, find time for real joy in Nature with the elements. 


☀La Parea Guide of Products that can help you work with the current energies:


🔥Candles-work with the Element of Fire as to transform and melt the resistance. (Assists Mars & Venus challenges)

💦Mists: Work with the Element of Water as to heal and uplift your emotions. (Assists on Moon, Neptune challenges)

🌍Epsom salts: work with the minerals (Earth element) to purify your physical structure. (Assists Saturn & Capricorn challenges)

🌬Palo Santo & other incenses. (Assists with Aquarius, Mercury & Uranus challenges)


Join us in our monthly workshop to learn more about how to remedy planetary effects! And have a good month. 


To All my Relations 

Sylvia-Anais 🦋

February 2021, NY


Sylvia-Anais Mouzourou  

MA in Mental Health Counseling & Psychotherapy

Hands on Energy Healing/Reiki 

Family & Systemic Constellations


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