Leo to Aquarius - From the Individual to the Collective

 Hello everyone!

On Thursday January 28th we will experience the Sun in Aquarius’ exact opposition to the Moon in Leo. This gives a beautiful Full Moon to look at up in the Sky and a lot of revelations to look at within. This is a highly creative, passionate and emotional time felt by many. 

The astrology of this time is marked by deep polarities. Leo is all about Personal Power. Aquarius is all about the Collective Power.

*The transition into the Aquarian Age is the Process of Moving from Monarchy to The Power of the Collective. 

And since everything starts from within, the questions here are the following: How can we transition from a space of “Me me me, all about me,” to a place of starting to acknowledge first the other person in the room and eventually our place in “Us together” or the Collective?

How can we find balance between personal space and power (navigating our own lives) vs being overly focused on energy coming from outside? 

It has been proven that we are all part of collective consciousness. We are swimming in a physical, mental, spiritual collective pool. We are sharing the same air, same food, same water, we are on this Planet Together. Everything affects everyone of us, either we see it or not. The great struggle of power, the sickening disregard of Nature and laws of Universal Justice over Greed for Power affects Us All. 

Catharsis is needed!

Catharsis is the process of becoming aware about power and our relationship with it. Including healing our parts that might be deeply wounded in relationship to separation-individuation process. Which means becoming our own being, basically Growing up. 

It is time for all of us (if we want to contribute to this transition) to take a moment and Meditate on the concept of Power: 

Personal Power

Collective Power 

Family Dynamics & Relationships Power 

Power of Life Force & Consumption 

Power of the Forces of Nature

Examine Your Relationship with Power

You are the King and Queen your Life

Receiving Power through a deeper Connection to the Forces of Nature, is the first step in order to walk towards balance. The breakthrough is understanding that we are all responsible for our Power given by birth. In other words, from the moment we were given Life we were also given Responsibility (along with many other gifts!)


*Here i want to clarify that this is not only about actual monarchy system collapsing or when the socialist system started etc. But rather a shift in Consciousness, because as we all know through history, none of these systems actually worked. The key is to heal and re define our relationship to Power. 

The Planetary Aspects at this Time:

(Below i am listing the personal planets only. A future article will analyze the bigger/long term planetary energies) 

☀ Sun in Aquarius ♒️ 

January 19th-February 18th. We find Joy within creativity, friendship and community activities such as arts and crafts. 

☄️Mercury in Aquarius ♒️ January 8th-March 15th. (Mercury will be in Rx motion from January 30th-February 20th)

We might find ourselves expressing in a very detached rather impersonal way. Re-evaluation of friendships and groups.

Active on finding solutions especially in past issues. 

⭐️Venus in Capricorn ♑️ January 8th-February 1st. Venus will move to Aquarius ♒️ February 1st-February 25th.

Venus in Capricorn is very rigid and rather uncomfortable nevertheless she might motivate you to get on with an excellent house, corner to corner cleaning. 

🌹Venus in Aquarius is way softer, casual and pleasure seeking (preparing for Valentines Day).

☄️Mars in Taurus ♉️ 

January 6th-March 3rd. Mars in Taurus is an angry bull, as you can recall from the events of January 6th (exact day transit reflecting the energies.) It can also bring physical irritability. The advice here is to detach and observe, take a real break if you can. Vacation. 


Much Love,

Sylvia-Anais 🦋

January 2021, NY.

See you in our Full Moon Gathering Tonight.

Thursday January 28th at 7pm.

Contact: sylviamouzourou@gmail.com 

Sylvia-Anais Mouzourou 

MA in Mental Health Counseling & Psychotherapy | Hands on Energy Healing/Reiki | Family & Systemic Constellations


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