From La Pixie Wellness to La Parea Wellness

Samanta Moise our founder has successfully created and cultivated a loyal customer base and a recognizable brand both locally and nationally via our online store, Amazon shop, Etsy, etc.



Thanks to her passion, determination, relentless work ethic and loyal consumers, La Pixie Wellness was able to grow their product line year-over-year to address the needs of clean self-care and aromatherapy products. With the evolution of new products effectively addressing today’s health/beauty needs, it has come time for the brand to evolve as well.

Which is why La Pixie Wellness rebranded to what is now La Parea Wellness!

This is an exciting transformation that will allow better alignment between the company and our product line. We have new developments and milestones coming up this year. We are launching a skincare line, a mens line and so much more!

Rest assured though, regardless how much La Parea is growing, Samanta always puts quality and efficacy of her product line as an absolute number one priority. 

Why did we change our name to La “Parea” Wellness?

Parea comes from Greek culture and often refers to a group of friends who often meet to share their philosophies on life with the goal of bettering one another. This type of mutually beneficial camaraderie that helps to build trust and long-lasting friendships is the embodiment of the core mission statement at La Parea.

So in the midst of it all, our name La Parea is exactly what we strive for. It's part of our mission for our customer to become our friends and we hope that one day post pandemic we can meet and gather together and become closer members of society and as well as the wellness circle that we're in. 


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