Full Moon in Libra- A Tribute to Venus

Venus is the Queen of everything beautiful. Venus is a feminine archetype which represents Beauty & Love. 

The ancients believed that beauty and love derived from an inner alignment of the Soul, Body and Mind. They believed that if one was healthy inside (in the body) they would have a healthy mind and in extent a beautiful shining appearance. It was also believed that beauty and shining personality was a “Charis”/ Charisma-blessing granted by the Gods. 

Nevertheless beauty, especially feminine beauty is a complex matter. Complex to painful many times. It appears that beauty instead of being appreciated for what it is-simply Heart Opening Unique Light, it became a commodity for consumption.

In this article we will focus on beauty and love as a charisma by the goddess. Venus holds an energy that has been praised for thousands of years by poets and artists. Venus was also the central deity in cults and temples all around the world, especially in the Mediterranean and ancient Greece. Venus the Planet is the ruler of Libra (Justice-Balance) & Taurus (Earth work-Stability). She also “serves” as the morning Star or the evening Star depending on the Season. It is magical for me to hear all the stories from different traditions describing this particular energy. 

She has many names: Estrella Azul (Blue Star), Queen of Heavens, Aphrodite Urania (birthed by heavens and out of sea foam) Isis, Oxum, Yemaja, Lakshmi etc. 

She is definitely the Great Enchantress of Humanity in all times and Cultures. Venus is ruling this Super Full Moon in Libra which we will experience on the weekend of March 27th -28th. We have already begun feeling Her power since she moved into Pisces (very emotional) and now into Libra (playful a bit selfish and on fire).

What is Venus showing us and why can it be so complex? 

Venus is showing us (if we pay attention) the ways we are relating with other humans and the entire Creation (Nature & all living beings). Venus-Love-The Way we Relate is a Mirror of Feminine Nature. This is the reason why all of our relationship stuff came up within the last few weeks. Our Intimate Relationships came under a Magnifying Glass.  

The Planetary Aspects: 

Venus in Aries March 21st-April 14th. Venus at this moment is consumed by the blinding Light of the Sun. She is Shining!

Within the Full Moon, Venus will be in exact alignment (straight line) with Earth, Sun and Moon. A great time to make a life changing Wish! 

This movement is called a superior Conjunction. 

At the same time we have:

👑 Venus, Chiron and the 

☀ Sun all in 8’ (Infinity in Aries) forming an opposition to the 

🌕Moon in Libra ♎️ (Scales) 

☄️Mars and the North Node

 (Collective North Node in ♊️Gemini) in the 10th house (our Social Relationships and Partnerships aspecting 

🪐Saturn and Pluto in the 6th house (the house of Health and Wellness).  

This might sound complex, but it’s truly A Work of Art

-A Mandala of Sacred Geometry. 

Astrologers call this formation a Kite 🪁 

A kite formation on the Sky is about elevating our Consciousness. This particular one helps us see the wound (Chiron) which prevents us from being in Balanced (Moon in Libra) Healthy Loving Relationships.  

With the presence of the Full Moon 🌕 in Libra ♎️ Shining her Light on Balance & Justice, we will have the opportunity to deeply examine where we are in Life & our Relationships.  

☀Some questions for Meditation:

*What are the patterns of behavior that are preventing me from being in Balance of Giving & Receiving?

*Am I really clear in my Communication with my Self-Do I know what I want and Where I am? 

*Am I clear in my Communication with Others? 

*Do I create space for Healthy 

Pleasure & Joy?

This Full Moon 🌕 will be Shining as a Clear Mirror for us to receive the Truths we are able to perceive at this moment. Ask for Insight and don’t forget to find Joy & Beauty in every moment!


Sylvia-Anais 🦋

March 2021 NY

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Sylvia-Anais Mouzourou 
MA in Mental Health Counseling & Psychotherapy
Family & Systemic Constellations

🦋Fun Facts:

*Did you know that according to mythology Venus -Aphrodite was born in the Island of Cyprus-which is located in the Mediterranean Sea and has been inhabited by Greek people for thousands of years. 

*Cyprus the Island, used to have a lot of Coper mines, hence the name Cuprous/Coper in Latin. Coper “happens” to be the Metal of Venus. So there is definitely more in the ancients’ understanding than meets the eye. 

 *Cyprus happens to be my birth place and Venus temple one of my favorite places on Earth. The picture of Venus’s birth place is attached. She came out of the Sea. 


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